NFL Regular Season 2019/2020 – The Line Up

It’s almost Fall, you guys!!!! where did 2019 go!?

The Fall…. omg – my fav! It brings pumpkin spiced lattes and colourful leaves and fun scarves and sweaters that are cozy warm and my favourite of them all…


Football Sunday field

OMG, I have the warm and fuzzies just thinking about the Sundays to come!!

If you don’t know already, I am a GIGANTIC Football Lover. I used to watch football with my Dad as a very young girl and it just stuck with me, so it has become who I am! I love Sunday Football… in my house, I am usually food prepping and cleaning and doing whatever around the house, but the TV is on to the Football Network and the Sound is up.  If  I am in another room, I’ll be yelling at the Tv as I come down the hall LOL! Its a staple on Sunday to have the games on. And for those guys out there reading this… I even flip between games during commercials….. Did I just turn you on!? LOL, If that didn’t; what I am about to tell you just may!!

BitesbyBrittany Presents:

The First Annual NFL Regular Season  Line up…Food edition!!

17 weeks of delicious recipes that you can make for your Sunday Game Days!!!

Each Week before Sunday Game Day, a recipe will be posted for you to print out and make for Game Day!!! This Line up has been carefully handcrafted by yours truly for the best food ideas I have come up with for Game Days!

Here is the 2019/2020 NFL Regular Season Line up!


So Check out the blog each week and grab a recipe to make for your Sunday Game Day!!! These recipes are a definite Touch Down!!!

Hey…I may even share my predictions for the games… help you out on your picks…


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