About BitesbyBrittany

This page is dedicated to those who are interesting in expanding their meal making! These recipes and cooking tips are meant for you to embrace something new and branch out to try and find that inner Chef in you. Its easy to dial some take out or drive over to the good old Mc D’s but can you create something so delicious you wont want to eat out ever again? For those of you who just said NO! – you are WRONG! Cooking is an art that anyone can do. It just takes the drive to sit down and throw things together.

Let me explain why I say anyone can do it…

When I was little and got to hangout with my Grandpa; my cousins and I, we ate Grandpa’s special sandwiches. Now Grandpa does NOT cook, Grandma cooks his every meal. My grandfather also refuses to eat anything that is NOT homemade. Well, when Grandma wasn’t home, Grandpa would make us a Toasted Peanut Butter and Tomato sandwich for lunch. Sounds DISGUSTING right?  I turned my nose up to THAT sandwich a few times before he bet me I’d love it. So with that “bet” burning a hole in my little Oshkosh pocket; I took a bite out of that sandwich in hopes to make a few bucks…. Well the rest of my life was changed after that bite. That sandwich to this day is still My Go to. Needless to say I didn’t get any money that day!
Yes, EW! – those 2 things don’t go together…. well guess what!? They definitely do!? The creamy peanut butter gets cut with the juicy texture of a tomato. It took me a few years from that sandwich to find my passion behind testing flavors against flavors but I always remember that damn sandwich! Why? Because my grandfather cant cook ; but that man can make one hell of a sandwich! Which means if my grandfather can combine some flavors together and create a weird perfection so can you! Take a bite out of that!

OH! and go try a Toasted Peanut Butter & Tomato Sandwich (Grandpa’s Recipe inside)
I bet you can’t have just One BITE! 🙂

xo Brittany