The Grandpa Rick Special

So if you have had a chance to read a little About BitesbyBrittany you will know that this Sandwich is world class delicious!  I have grown up eating this sandwich for a long time. My Grandpa can’t cook much but he can make one Hell of a sandwich.

  • Bread (toasted) – sour dough is my personal fav but whatever suits your fancy
  • Creamy peanut butter (go Chunky if you want some extra texture)
  • Tomatoes (whatever you have…. Beefsteak, roma, cherries, vine whatever really)


Cut up your tomatoes to fit on your sandwich and toast your bread. Once you have it toasted to your liking put as much or as little peanut butter as you wish top with tomatoes – slap those pieces together and cut in half or quarters or no crusts whatever you like! But take a big ol’ bite out of that delicious sandwich and tell me – you don’t think that’s so good!!!

Tip: I like to glob that peanut butter on – I like when it drips. SO GOOD!!! Don’t butter the bread.. honestly the peanut butter is all you need.


Be adventurous…. take a bite!


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