The WELCOME back edition!


Man OH Man have I been MIA for forever… or what!?

Sorry friends – it’s been a while eh, thanks for sticking it out and waiting for me to return!  So just to catch ya up to speed, there has been a lot going on this year. I started a new job this year that challenges me on the daily. I am on this sweet healthy lifestyle kick this year, and have been hitting the Gym and meal planning like a boss! My life this year as well allowed me to take some time for myself and do some fun things again, Like go home to see two of my favourite people get married,  visit my family,  and I have been dating and going out a little more this year, it’s just been a really great busy year! Which means I haven’t been able to blog as much.  <Insert Sad Emoji Face >

This year was supposed to include weekly recipe posts and the release of my first cookbook, but this year flipped, and twisted, and turned me down a whole different path and unfortunately things just went down a different positive path and I kind of just went with it, and its been its been a year for the books. <Insert Giant Smiling Emoji Face >

So… even though I am not ahead on those 2 goals this year… I have been working on A LOT of recipes over the last 7 months or so, and you guys are in for a treat as I start to bounce back into the world of Blogging! I have missed this, and am excited to come back with some amazing recipes I think you guys will love!

So with all that said, below is 5 upcoming posts you should watch out for!!

5 New posts coming soon!

. Pesto & Ham Hassleback Chicken  .  My version of a “Buddha Bowl” .

. Spicy Thai Noodles .  Dill Pickle and Bacon Slaw  .  Chocolate Fat Bombs .

Stay tuned 🙂 these will be up over the next couple of weeks – just to start us off

I am working on Fall Comfort Food Favourites right now with a more healthier twist… Was thinking of a baked mac n cheese and maybe a fun dish with some Beer Cheese.

So many idears are running through this head of mine. See you guys all soon!

Brittany’s Back!

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