How to make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Hey Friends!!

This post may have you thinking I am losing it. I betcha you’re thinking…”Brittany — Scrambled eggs is the easiest thing to make.” well, you are correct, but these scrambled eggs may require a couple of different steps but they are the BEST, most perfect, fluffy, delicious scrambled eggs I have ever had. Its like going to a 5 star restaurant and eating $30 eggs for breakfast. Honestly, who wants to spend $30 bucks to get perfect eggs when you can do it yourself for a couple dollars!

These eggs are not my eggs. This one comes from one of my Top chefs that I admire. This was Gordon Ramsay’s first dish he ever perfected, or so he says…I feel like anything that this man makes is perfect. Most people who know of Gordon Ramsay, know him as the Chef who yells and swears all the time but can make a mean beef wellington. Well… that’s true… but NOW you will know him for his eggs.

What you need:

  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1/2 tbsp creme fraiche
  • Fresh Chives
  • Salt & Pepper

WATCH THE LINK BELOW —-> Gordon Ramsay’s short video on how to make these eggs.

Gordom Ramsay makes Scrambled Eggs

Yes he burns his toast – makes him human!! lol but the eggs are the show!!

Listen if you don’t have creme fraiche (cus face it – we all don’t have that in the fridge) use sour cream!….Or make your own creme fraiche!!
***Mix together in a mason jar – 2 cups Heavy Cream and 1 cup Buttermilk (Milk & Lemon Juice if you need to make this too) – leave out on counter for 24 hours uncovered until it thickens. keep in the fridge for 2 weeks 🙂
You can also use Dried Chives if that’s all you have!
The key to these eggs is the on and off heat method. It helps keep the creamier taste without watering down your texture.


I will never scramble another egg the same again. Always like this forever more. Once you get the egg down, start mixing it up – I added cheese to my toast this morning and then put my eggs on top…. but you could toss some cooked veggies on top or a delicious homemade salsa… these eggs are perfect for a lot of different ideas.

try ’em out.. and let me know how they go!!! tag me in some pictures!!!

Thank you Gordon Ramsay!!!


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