Grilled marinade chicken, Hassel back garlic buttered potatoes, Grilled mushroms, Onions and Aspargus with Grilled garlic toast

The summer is just around the corner… and the weather lately has been trying very hard to bring it on! So BBQ season is at the tip of our fingers! However, some of us … we bare the cold for a good barbecued meal! My Dad is one of those people, therefore … I am now one of those People.


I grew up having BBQ at least twice a week and in the summer if we didn’t BBQ it was probably because we weren’t home. My Dad is and will always be the Grill Master in my eyes. That man can cook a steak to perfection. He owns that grill! You know why he is so good at it… it’s not because he went to cooking school and learned how to grill properly – it’s called PRACTICE. Continuous effort will eventually pay off! He just kept getting better and better with just continuously working at it. I’ll flip it one minute later or I will marinate it 2 hours longer, lets stick this chicken on a beer can and smoke it!… it’s all about fine tuning and trying new things!

Where I am going with this is…. Get a BBQ and get outside and cook outside!
This week I had the great pleasure of having one of my good friends over for dinner. She is about to get married in Barbados and I can’t make the trip down… so I thought I can at least make her some yummy food before she goes! It was 23 degrees out and I thought – lets BBQ the whole dinner. One stop shop!

Here is what we had for dinner…

What you need:

  • 1 Boneless Chicken Breasts butterflied into 2 thinner pieces
  • Asparagus whole
  • Cremini Mushrooms sliced
  • ½ large red onion cut into strips or chunks
  • Garlic Butter (1 large clove for every ¼ cup of butter & Parsley to taste)
  • EVOO
  • S&P
  • 3 cloves smashed garlic + 1 clove grated
  • 2 baking potatoes
  • Bread – whatever you want – I used Texas Toast
  • 2tbs & 1/2 tsp – The Spice Italian Mix (check out Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for this Mix)

What to do:

I marinated some chicken breast (that I butterflied and make 2 pieces out of one breast) in my “Spicy Italian Mix”, ¼ cup EVOO and 1 fat clove of garlic (smashed) overnight

I took a baking pan and foil wrapped the inside – I took my potatoes and sliced them hassel back style then I took my Spicy Italian mix and just sprinkled a little into the slits of these potatoes then covered the potatoes with the garlic butter on top (You want it to melt into the slits and down into the potato)

On the other side of the pan I dropped 1 tsp of garlic butter then put my mushrooms and onions on top with some S&P then I placed my asparagus on top of the mushrooms and onions I topped the asparagus with the grated garlic – cover with more foil wrap and let it sit over night or until you’re ready to cook

The next day take everything out and butter your bread – Turn on your BBQ to medium heat – put on your pan of veggies first – I cranked the burner that the potatoes side was on a little higher than the mushroom side… just to even out the cooking time.

About 15 minutes in – I pulled back the foil and gave the mushrooms a little stir for some movement and then tossed my chicken on. Right from the marinade bag!

The chicken is sliced thinner so it will take less time to cook! If you leave your chicken breasts as whole – remember to account for the time different.

As soon as I flipped my chicken to the other side I tossed on my garlic buttered toast  – about a minute – minute and half then flip – you want nice grill marks on your bread!

Once the chicken is ready to flip again and the toast looks good – turn your burners off ….and start bring it all to the table!!!


Try this one out and let me know whatcha think!

Got Leftovers?? check out these Tips:

  • Quick Grilled Cheese with some pan fried sliced chicken and I tossed in some tomatoes and onions to make me feel less guilty. Oh and garlic butter your toast 🙂IMG_5581
  • Went out after dinner… need a late night eat to maybe soak up some alcohol – make a quick Quesadilla – light oil on your tortillas – some cheese (whatever you have – i used medium cheddar) and I cut up and fried the chicken with some onions – put it all together! eat with some sour cream!
    Tip: make sure you flip your tortillas and grill up both sides!
    Fast and Fabulous!!
  • Lunch for tomorrow  a Chicken Sandwich– heat the chicken and toss it on a ciabatta bun with some garlic & lemon aioli, mixed greens and some tomatoes  ( Toast the bun with some aioli if you can – even better)

xo Brittany

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